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Located in the heart of Central, Cosmetic Central (首亞) is a medical clinic with three centers: Medical Aesthetic Laser Center, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center, and Robotic Hair Transplant Center.

Medical Aesthetic Laser Center houses the best-in-class technologies and U.S. FDA approved laser, RF and HIFU machines to treat your skin, scarring, body hair and contouring issues.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center offers minimally invasive procedures from botox to fillers, as well as surgical procedures such as double eyelid surgery, eye bag removal, face lifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction, etc.

Robotic Hair Transplant Center houses the world’s first and only robotic hair transplant system called ARTAS. Its precision robotics provides speed and accuracy beyond manual techniques.

Cosmetic Central's plastic surgery specialist doctors include Dr. Walter King Wing Keung (金永強醫生), Dr. Otto Au Yum To (歐鑫濤醫生), and Dr. Mok Chun On (莫鎮安醫生). 

Visit us in the heart of Central to relax, refill, resurface, reduce and rejuvenate.

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